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These essays are all inspired by my life as a professor at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) in Traverse City. "The Explosion of Administration" documents my hilarious attempts to halt the unbelievable growth of the college administration while the size of its full time faculty remained exactly the same.

Almost every essay in this book was either published in my local newspaper, The Record Eagle, or broadcast over the local college radio station (WNMC) where I delivered talks for more than thirty years. Only two or three essays are published here for the first time.

I have had a long teaching career which began when I was a graduate assistant at Indiana University (1962-64). I taught part-time at Bogan Jr. College in Chicago (1965-68), full time for three years at Yeshiva University in New YorkCity (1968-1971).

The bulk of my teaching career was spent teaching at Northwestern Michigan College, a Junior College in Traverse City, Michigan: 1971-2000.

The academic year 1974-5, as part of the Fulbright Teacher exchange program I taught at Bath Technical College in Bath, England. The academic year 1992-1993 again, as a Fulbright Exchange teacher, I taught at Taunton College in Southampton England.

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